• In-app Chat

    A feature-rich native chat experience for your app

  • High Speed Engagement UI

    Intuitive UI that allows you to simultaneously engage with multiple users

  • Campaigns

    Send visually rich campaigns to targeted user segments

  • FAQs for Mobile

    Make it easy for your customers to get answers and help themselves


Categorize conversations into channels and route your customers to the right teams. Configurable welcome messages help you set context for each channel and manage user expectations.

Rich Messages, Voice and Deep-links

Make conversations more interactive and engaging with pictures and voice messages. Use deep-links to enhance user experience by taking them to the right content or screen.

Push Notifications

Ensure that users get alerted when you respond to them, even if they aren’t actively using your app. Want to reach out to a user pro-actively? You can do that too. Do mobile messaging the right way - with an asynchronous, convenient, native experience.

In-app Customer Engagement for Enterprise

Agent Groups

Use agent groups to better organize teams in your organization and automate conversation assignment to relevant groups.

Role Based Access

Exercise fine grained access control to features by assigning specific roles to users in your organization.


Use automations like auto replies based on your configured business hours or specific keywords, to engage effectively and set expectations with users.

APIs and webhooks

Callbacks on new messages and ability to engage with users via API. Facilitate transactional messaging, integrate with bots or other third party systems.


A mature and stable solution that supports over 500+ apps reaching over 55 million+ users.

Custom Integrations

Out of the box integrations with Helpdesk systems like Freshdesk, Zendesk, & Slack.