A new way to communicate with customers.

Hotline threads emails, phone calls, and SMS messages by conversation and organizes them by customer.

Simple, powerful, customer retention magic for teams.
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Email, Phone Calls, & Texts Threaded Together

It can start with a simple call from a customer. You share the question with the team via email and add a few team members. Side conversations happen over text. Then more emails by more people you may or may not be cc'd on. You need to respond to the customer.

Before you know it, that simple phone call has snowballed into something out of your control. The discussion now exists in a phone call only you heard as well as across multiple individual inboxes and SMS messages most of which you have not seen.

Hotline brings all of this together in one place. Sanity resumes.


Conversations Organized by Customer

Not all messages are created equal. Compare a message from a customer to, say, a newsletter you get every week and promptly delete. In work, we triage our email and voice mail by looking for opportunities to seize and problems to solve. Customers first. All else is second.

Hotline helps you. Hotline organizes your email, voice calls and texts by customer. We surface what you and your team needs to know quickly, gets it assigned to the right person to handle and ends the endless checking of your email and phone(s).

Customers mean business.


Built for Teams

Teams exist to communicate and do.

Teams have wonderful tools like, SalesForce, Zendesk, BaseCamp, Jira, and Asana to help them do.

Hotline helps you communicate with your customers and your team. We keep you in the loop, ensure your customer are being taken care of without requiring you to log in to all of the systems that help your team do and chase down team members asking for updates.

Hotline intelligently routes messages to the right team member and has triggers that alert the team when things need handling. Each Hotline provides transparency, accountability, and speed.

Hotline.io helps teams communicate.


Easy to Manage

Native mobile and mobile web apps for use on any modern smartphone. Using Hotline.io on a desktop couldn’t be simpler with nothing to install. Speed matters in business and Hotline.io provides a robust dashboard to measure responsiveness, message volumes and types by customer, team or individual.


Works With The Apps You Already Use

Hotline.io is magic. Zero friction to start. We work with your existing email service, VOIP or PBX system as well as any browser and email clients on your desktop and mobile phone.

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How It Works

One number for INBOUND, OUTBOUND, and CONFERENCE calls. Give your customer a hotline.

Smart routing, assignment, escalation and rules lets you focus on the solution.

Simple mobile and desktop tools put the message where it needs to be, with context, faster.

Drag and drop coverage schedules, escalation rules, response time alert thresholds.

Transcribed calls become part of the thread, so no detail is lost.

SmartStatus automatically re-routes messages to your team if you can't- or choose not to- respond.

About Us

We believe customer focused teams serve a noble purpose. First, as teams, they are created to communicate and do. Little happens in the world outside of teams. Little is conceived, let alone built or maintained by an individual. Second, but equally important, customers are the lifeblood of any business. Without them businesses cease to exist. Both need to exist separately and both need each other to exist.

The inspiration for Hotline.io came from the intersection where teams inside a business meet customers outside a business.

We’ve been inspired by the innovative tools that help teams DO. Salesforce helps sales people DO. Zendesk helps customer support people DO. Jira helps developers DO. And Asana helps project teams DO. These tools all help teams get things done inside a business. What’s not so wonderful, and the source of pain for most everyone who communicates externally with customers AND works internally within a team, is how that same innovation has yet to address the tools we use to communicate.

Hotline.io sees a remarkable opportunity to change how teams around the world, in every industry, communicate with their customers. The result, we believe will profoundly change how people communicate in their work lives.


We're adding beta users as fast as we can. Check your email for your invitation.

We will never share your email address.


We're adding beta users as fast as we can. Check your email for your invitation.

We will never share your email address.


We're adding beta users as fast as we can. Check your email for your invitation.

We will never share your email address.